What my team say...

I cannot say enough about Viki. Not only is she infectiously personable, professional and extremely knowledgeable, she has taken my fitness beyond what I thought I was capable of - and I still don't know what I'm capable of! I know though, that with her training and encouragement, I will continue to push beyond my self- imposed constrictions. I have learned so much about my body, functional strength and have completed workouts I never thought I could do before. Viki will challenge you but will also make it fun and keep your training interesting by switching things up every session. If you're reading this and are currently back and forth, don't hesitate! Just do it! You'll be glad you did and soon you will discover, like I did, that "you can always do more than you think you can!"


I began attending Viki’s training and Yoga in February 2022. As a 60-year-old man, I started with some injuries, I was carrying extra weight and had limited flexibility. Viki has been able to create a workout plan and yoga to bring back my health and flexibility. I have made enormous progress and continue to improve in strength, stamina and flexibility.
The cramps I used to experience have disappeared thanks to the yoga. My other injuries don’t seem to bother me anymore. When I started, I was doing pushups on my knees, Now I can do 40 regular pushups at a time.
Viki’s training is for those who want to be healthy and are willing to put in some work. As I aged, I was unhappy that I was losing flexibility, strength and balance. Without those, I was having more pain and the plans I have for retirement were looking more and more difficult to achieve. Improving my strength and flexibility has improved all facets of my life and I could not be more pleased.
If you are committed to improving your health and living a longer and healthier life, than Viki is for you. Just remember, you did not get to be in bad shape overnight, and neither did I. It does take time and work, but the results Viki can help you achieve are well worth it.

Tom Mietzel 

Viki’s fitness training is amazing. Even in a group workout she’ll take care of adjusting exercises to your level so you have no excuses :). She’ll push you, but will also make sure you notice and appreciate your progress. Viki is a great trainer & person.


“Viki was a fantastic teacher! She helped me to start my swimming career, providing encouragement, motivation, patience and inspiration”

I was inspired by friends who’d done triathlons and wanted to give one a go. However, it’s difficult to participate in a triathlon if you can’t swim! I was nervous about having swimming lessons as an adult. However, I needn’t have stressed about it. Viki was a fantastic teacher! She helped me to start my swimming career, providing encouragement, motivation, patience and inspiration.When I struggled to grasp a technique, she managed to make break it down into simple steps so that it became easier. And when motivation was low and I felt like giving up, she kept me going. She has a way of pushing you on without being pushy! If there’s anyone who can help you with your fitness goals, Viki can!


Vikki is a powerful leader and a great personal trainer. Over a two month period she trained me at my level. Knowing when to push me and when to let up. Always keeping me on my toes. She’s strong and gentle and really cares about what’s going on with me, my diet, and my fitness. I’m grateful to be a part of her community.

Jay Aedo

It’s not often you find someone who is an expert in yoga, fitness, and nutrition.  Viki has all three plus more.  She is an incredible teacher and she will meet you where you are both mentally and physically.  I attended her yoga and fitness retreat and had fabulous fitness gains.  She also helped me understand my chronic inflammation and explained how to make better food choices which have significantly reduced my pain.   She listens and tailors the program to your specific needs.  I highly recommend Viki!!  


“Viki is a gifted coach who walks her talk. Whether talking to me about nutrition or coaching me in the gym, her guidance and encouragement was tailored to my needs and delivered with both care and rigor. She really, really cares about her clients — I felt that with me and the other people I saw her working with. She goes the extra mile and genuinely cares about the results people achieve. I can’t reccomend working with her enough.”


“My name is Kayleigh and I live in Surrey, I started taking yoga and fitness classes with Viki in India to deepen my yoga practice and to learn more about my body. Viki helped me connect and advance in my yoga practice.She is very knowledgable about nutrition and exercises for injury and strength building. I highly recommend her as a fitness trainer and yoga teacher. Her passion, skill and care for her students really shows in her teaching and you are sure to see progression training with her.”


“Viki never let me give up!"

I came to Viki as a last resort really. Anyone who has done martial arts for over 30 years, as I have done, will tell you that it gets harder. Your body doesn’t perform as well as it did, and your injuries increase and become impossible to avoid and overcome. I was at that stage last year. Do I give up the thing I love or try one last time?I explained what my injuries were to Viki and where I wanted to be. I had an up coming knee operation and although she never knew this, I felt that if I didn’t recover from it, I would retire my belt for good.
Before the op, we worked on building up the muscles that would help me after the operation and I felt in 6 weeks better than I had for some time. I even saw improvements at Karate which I never expected. I saw a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. She helped me understand my body and muscles and why they behaved the way they did. It was a whole new perspective. We worked on getting the right food and nutrition and eventually I lost 14lb. This put me at a good weight for post op rehab
So post op, I was walking within a week and was doing my physio and rehab within two. I was back at Karate after six weeks and back in the gym within 3 months.
The training at the gym was so key to my recovery and that was all down to Viki understanding what I wanted to achieve. But more importantly for me, the emotional and mental battles I was having with myself were also overcome because Viki never let me give up. She is one of the best motivators I have known and her positivity and drive to see her clients succeed, far outweigh any CEO I have ever come across in my life. I cannot recommend Viki enough. When they someone can change your life, they really mean it when you are talking about her.

"Everyone can make a change, it’s about knowing how & where to start. I treat every client as an individual, offering a complete wellness package tailored around specific needs and goals, with continuous support and motivation."